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East Midlands Premier New Build Home Snagging Service

Have you recently purchased a newly built home from a large housing development company...

Are you investing in a newly built home ? Then you're probably expecting to move into a house that's built to perfection right ? Unfortunately this is often not the case. Its common within most new build houses that there will be defects and workmanship that fall outside acceptable tolerances! these are known as "snags" 


Your new home is likely to be one of the biggest investments that you will ever make and you want to make sure your'e getting exactly what you've paid for!

that’s why Precision Snagging is here!


With extensive knowledge and experience within the building industry we will ensure your new home snagging inspection is carried out to the highest standards. Our thorough snagging system will leave nothing unchecked.


Our inspection will then be documented in a detailed report complete with photos which can then be passed on to your developer. 

Most developers give a warranty period of 2 years, within this time your developer is legally obliged to repair any defects or issues.

We will ensure that you can have peace of mind that your house has been finished to the standard you deserve and you can relax and enjoy your new home without any unforeseen issues down the line !

If you are investing from £100,000 up to £1,000,000 on your new dream home, then why not invest less than 1% of the value of your property on having our professional inspector come and check your property over.

If you are considering using a professional snagging company, you are in the right place.

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